• Onboarding automation

    Does your Business Unit suffer from long time-to-productivity
    because employees have to fill countless forms
    and don't receive all equipment / login details ASAP?

    We've got you covered.

  • The shortest time-to-productivity

    How it works?


    Online software for onboarding workflow

    Provides a central dashboard for all departments.
    Onboarding status can be tracked real-time
    on employee level.


    A single point of data entry for employees.

    No need to get to know different systems
    for requesting different things.
    Less frustration, faster administration.


    Automatic integration with databases

    In the background, the software administers data entry to the existing software, databases
    and Excels.

  • Benefits

    Shorter time-to-productivity

    No-one is lost in the onboarding tasks, shortening access of needed resources.
    No time is wasted by administrating the onboarding process.

    Motivated employees

    Unnecessary frustration is avoided,
    therefore new employees start the job more motivated.

    No programming costs

    Robotic Process Automation lets you integrate the software with existing systems and Excels fast, without programming costs.

    HR is at the top of the game

    Onboarding status can be tracked real-time for each recruit.
    The workflow is in one, audited system, so KPIs can be automatically measured.