• A software toolbox to boost administration efficiency

    Connects the software in
    office administration

    Automates routine tasks
    with software robots

    data entry
    and reporting

    Turns Excel files into easy to use
    online databases

  • The core of CloudStorm is a workflow system

    Robots operate the original systems in the background,
    using them as reliable, validated databases

    The system handles complex workflows

    It can react to events or schedules.
    The system also handles a mix of automated and human tasks, eg approval processes.

  • Cloudstorm employs software robots

    What is a software robot like?

    • Tolerates monotony
    • 100% accurate
    • Relentless
    • Works 24/7
    • Goes on absolutely no holiday
    • Doesn't take breaks

    • Automates data entry and reporting
    • Handles Excel & Google spreadsheets
    • Automates incoming/outgoing Email
    • Handles ERP systems
    • Creates daily, weekly, monthly reports
    • Creates and modifies documents
    • Manages Bank transactions
    • Handles HR and Accounting software

  • Where are the robots?

    No need to share your office with real life robots.

    These are automatic software, which run in remote datacenters, or on-premise.
    They operate office software on behalf of the real users
    while maintaining the highest standard of security.

  • featured testimony

    "CloudStorm robotic process automation cuts interface costs drastically.
    It has proven to be an efficient interface for us to access tax data in SAP."

    Richard Sík

    Deloitte Hungary
    Tax Technology Manager

  • Security

    Our cloud datacenters are located in Germany and Ireland.
    They meet the highest international data security and privacy standards.
    Upon request, sensitive data can be handled on-premise, not leaving the corporate infrastructure.