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Special Offer for IA Nordics 2020 attendees

We help 2 companies to automate their SAP tax report process for a discounted fixed price of 25k EUR

We’ve already helped Deloitte to automate SAP workflows in their Central European IT infrastructure. Our work has resulted in significantly lower interface costs and a more efficient interface.

Have you ever wished your tax report was generated automatically?

Now, as a special offer for all IA Nordics 2020 attendees, we want to help two companies to automate a specific tax report generation process for a discounted one-time fee of 25k EUR.

We’ll help with auditing your process for automation readiness, documenting the process, walk through how we’d implement the automation with your IT department (e.g. on-premise or in the cloud), set up the RPA robots, test and run them, etc.

At the end, you’ll get a fully automated process implemented as you need it, that runs on-schedule.

There is a small catch:
  • The process involves collecting data / interacting with at least one of these tools: SAP, Oracle, MS Office, Email.

  • The process is suitable for Robotic Process Automation.

What you’ll get from us:
  • If you already have RPA developer capacity/RPA Centre of Excellence: you get RPA development resources for 60 working days

  • If you are a newcomer to RPA (have no RPA dev. resources): you will get a 60-working days Proof-of-Concept project

Conditions and details of the project will be aligned with the applicant.

The selected applicants will be contacted post the event.

Would you like to join us?

“Cloudstorm robotic process automation cuts interface costs drastically. It has proven to be an efficient interface for us to access tax data in SAP.”

Client Avatars - Deloitte - Richard Sik.

Richard Sík

Tax Technology Manager, Deloitte

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