Connect software applications, exchange data and automate workflows

CloudStorm’s RPA software robots can operate your existing applications, move data from one system to another and automate recurring tasks like generating excel reports on autopilot.

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Implement and run successful automations and get organized with RPA management tools for teams of every shape and size.

RPA AS-A-Service

Our all-in-one RPA 2.0 solution, from start to finish.


For CoE teams of any size using RPA already.

RPA as-a-service

We Make Your RPA Implementation Smooth and Simple

CloudStorm’s end-to-end approach guarantees a successful RPA implementation and makes your RPA operation feel easy for you.

Plan & Implement RPA successfully

We care as much as you do, to implement software robots that are successfully running. We won’t just sell you a license. Instead, as an end-to-end service provider, we stay to understand and solve your problems.

Operate RPA without a Center of Excellence

We take care of engineering the robots, implementing them (either in the cloud or on-premise) and running your automations for you so that you don’t need to hire RPA developers, nor create your own Center of Excellence.

Auto-scale your RPA robots in peak times

We launch additional software robots on-demand to handle peaks – e.g. when you need to process massive amounts of requests at unpredictable times as fast as possible.

Maintenance-free robots

Whether you choose to run your robots in cloud or on-premise, we maintain them remotely, to maximize uptime and reduce the time needed to fix should anything go wrong.

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“CloudStorm robotic process automation cuts interface costs drastically. It has proven to be an efficient interface for us to access tax data in SAP.”

Richard Sík – Tax Technology Manager

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RPA 2.0 lifecycle management

for companies Using RPA Already

Organize Your RPA Projects in One Place

The only agile RPA lifecycle management tool that brings all your of your Center of Excellence management together. It helps you increase control, reduce complexity and keep everyone on the same page.

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Our RPA lifecycle management dashboard for CoE teams is in private beta.

Request early access to help share its future software features.

Space is extremely limited.

RPA as-a-service

How our RPA-as-a-Service Solution Works

CloudStorm supports you every step of the way, from start to finish, eliminating guesswork, complexities, and hidden fees.

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Step 1: RPA Consulting

We’ll work together to identify process improvement opportunities feasible for automation and calculate the ROI. We’ll also help you align with your colleagues and stakeholders in an interactive automation workshop.

Learn More About Our RPA Workshop

Step 3: RPA Pilot Trial

We maintain the solution ensuring it runs as expected and support you should any issue occur

Step 5: RPA Scale-up

Together we create an RPA scale-up roadmap and we start implementing automation for further processes.

Step 2: RPA Pilot Implementation

We implement a tailor-made automation for a chosen process. You don’t need to create an internal RPA department (CoE) – CloudStorm is taking care of engineering the robots, implementing them on-premise or in the cloud and run your applications for you.

Learn More About Our Technology
We use our own software robot platform, so you have direct contact with the developers of the technology. If you prefer to use a different technology (UIPath, BluePrism or similar) then please get in touch with our specialists.

Step 4: RPA Operation & Support

We maintain the solution ensuring it runs as expected and support you should any issue occur.

Can we help you with your RPA automation initiative?

Enterprise-grade security

Security by design

Our robots and all RPA technology behind it were built with the security by design principle. This way it reflects on your security standards.

“From a security standpoint, a robot is always more secure than doing the step by humans, if you respect the security by design principle from the beginning of your project.”

Adam Peter Nagy, Head of Information Risk Management (Cyber Security & Governance)
– K&H Bank Group



CloudStorm is served from ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant data centers, conforming to the highest international data security and privacy standards.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data (transactional data) can be handled on-site, whilst not leaving the corporate infrastructure (your datacenter). Besides all our cloud data centers are located in Germany, Ireland and the US.

Our cloud data center is compliant with the strictest security and privacy standards.

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Easily Connect The Software You Use Already & Automate Your Workflows With Our Software Robots

CloudStorm’s software robots can connect any popular software used in office administration and create complex workflow systems. All to make your job easier by automating routine tasks.

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Let’s Automate Your Workflows Together!