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 All-in-one Robotic Process Automation solution for businesses with or without a CoE.

Traditional RPA is designed exclusively for big corporations.


Forced to use complex technology


In-house Center of Excellence needed


Implementation without help or with expensive consultation

Cloudstorm’s full-service RPA solution is designed for every business.


Scalable technology on-premise or in the cloud


No RPA tech team needed - we take care of it


Simple process based pricing with no hidden licencing and consulting fees

Even businesses having a CoE use Cloudstorm to implement & operate RPA

“By utilizing Cloudstorm’s RPA-as-a-Service approach, we could introduce a new reporting automation without additional burden to our RPA Centre of Excellence.”

Irene Schlager, Head of CoE Process Automation

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Automate office workflows using software robots

Save resources, time, and money by automating recurring office workflows with Robotic Process Automation.

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all you need from one provider

Cloudstorm supports you every step of the way, from start to finish, eliminating guesswork, complexities, and hidden fees.

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Improve employee morale, increase productivity

Free up your team so they can dedicate more time to engaging, interesting work that adds value and makes them happier.

Let software robots handle repetitive tasks and workflows

Process automation using software robots is the best technology for automating work, saving you resources, time, and money. 

Traditional approaches are complicated and unpredictable — ours isn’t. We handle everything for you.

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“We don’t want to change the way you work — we want to free you from dull, repetitive tasks.”

– David Salamon, CEO of Cloudstorm

Software robots can mimic human behavior, connect any popular software used in office administration, and execute complex workflows.

They’re able to take over otherwise manual processes in a reliable way, with increased data integrity, making your job easier and your operations run more smoothly.

When software robots are added to your workforce, they can handle all sorts of things, including:


Connecting existing software and integrating seamlessly into existing processes


Reading, collecting, and transferring data


Logging into applications and executing tasks


Creating automatic reports on schedule and in real-time


Opening emails and attachments


Collaborating with humans, ensuring your team is doing only meaningful work

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“Cloudstorm robotic process automation cuts interface costs drastically. It has proven to be an efficient interface for us to access tax data in SAP.”

Richard Sík – Tax Technology Manager

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Agile, configurable process automation solution,
from start to finish

Our end-to-end RPA-as-a-service approach is more efficient than building it yourself and less complex than traditional RPA providers.

We combine the best process automation software technology with consulting, deployment, orchestration of the robots, failovers, security, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Cloudstorm’s step-by-step support results in quicker time to market, reduced costs, and quality at scale.

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Process-based pricing,
without hidden fees.

With our monthly process-based pricing, the cost and speed of automation is predictable, without any hidden fees. 


The problem with traditional RPA pricing

You’re expected to pay per robot computing unit, leaving you responsible for filling computing time with as many sequential processes as possible to justify cost.

And to speed things up, you have to purchase more robots.


The solution with Cloudstorm’s subscription model

You’ll only pay for what you need, without the surprise of extra costs or fees.

And because our solution is fully adaptable and flexible, it’s fast and easy to scale, utilizing multiple software robots at the same time.

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Intelligent Automation That Can Be Scaled FAST

Your virtual robots run in a fully managed, scalable environment, either on-premise or in dedicated secure cloud space.

Robots can easily be added quickly—“on-demand” if required—so that several automation processes can run in parallel, saving loads of time.

Our robots support all business applications, too, no matter if they run on desktop, web, mainframe, or VM clients.

Increase employee morale

By giving boring and repetitive tasks to software robots, your team will have time to work on more creative and interesting aspects of the job, leaving them feeling fulfilled and happy.

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Increase efficiency

Our RPA-as-a-service approach allows your employees to focus on value-added tasks while decreasing time spent on manual, repetitive activities.

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Join the RPA revolution

Analysts predict that 25% of tasks will be automated within two years across every job category.

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Achieve high satisfaction

Our robots operate seamlessly in the background, and employees utilize simple, user-friendly applications to work with them.

Get in touch

Let’s automate your office workflows with software robots.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 823219