• CloudStorm

    Raises employee efficiency by 90%

  • THe Automated office

    Increase employee efficiency

    Help your employees focus on creating value

    CloudStorm liberates your workforce from error-prone and repetitive tasks and avoids double administration by:

    • Automating data entry workflows
    • Integrating legacy software without the need for interface programming
    • Accessing KPIs, insights and usage analytics

    Leverage existing infrastructure

    And harness the power of open source

    Choose CloudStorm without switching costs, as our components seamlessly integrate and augment your ERP backbone.

    Leverage modern web development without changing your existing infrastructure.

    Increase employee satisfaction

    CloudStorm offers unmatched user experience

    Employees use the same traditional enterprise software for years, yet the interfaces are ugly and the workflows are clunky.

    We bring them clever interfaces from web & mobile apps to make sure they aren't tearing their hair out doing day-to-day work in SAP.

  • Cloudstorm for
     the knowledge worker

    Stop Cursing SAP & Start Solving Your Needs

    Automate boring and repetitive workflows

    ... without waiting eternally for the IT department

    CloudStorm offers self-served, bite-sized software to help with your daily tasks.


    It helps you automate data entry tasks with an easy workflow tool
    - simultaneously in several systems.


    CloudStorm also automatically compiles Excels from different sources,
    on schedule so you don't have to worry about weekly and monthly report preparation.

    Ever felt lost in your company's database?

    CloudStorm untangles the mess of data entry into ERP systems

    With clever forms and in-place editing, you never again have to switch back-and-forth windows and panels.


    Graphical interfaces guide you whenever you need to change data in the company database.

  • Cloudstorm 


    Amazon Web Services

    AWS Activate Program

    Amazon Web Services recognized the novelty of CloudStorm with the AWS Activate grant.


    BizSpark Program

    Microsoft is supporting CloudStorm as partner in the Microsoft BizSpark start-up program.


    SendGrid Accelerate Program

    SendGrid Accelerate is a global program for top tier startups. SendGrid helps us grow our business with reliable technology, mentorship and growth expertise.

    European Union

    Horizon 2020 Framework Program

    The Horizon 2020 Program co-invested in CloudStorm, a high growth, highly innovative, potentially disruptive businesses with global ambitions.


    Open Source Components

    Easy to extend, easy to customize

    Familiar Technology

    CloudStorm is built with web developers in mind

    Docker container architecture

    For easy deployment and scaling

    Easy integration with ERP systems

    Microserives talking to each other through semantic APIs

    App Store (coming soon)


    David Salamon

    Co-founder | CEO

    Serial entrepreneur
    ex-Start-Up Chile​, ex-Startup Wiseguys

    Mihály Rozner

    Co-founder | CTO

    System architecture and
    machine learning expert

    Bence Nagy

    Co-founder | VP Engineering

    Software development specialist
    ex-Nokia, ex-LogMeIn

    István Pesti

    Advisor | Enterprise IT & Sales

    Former CEO of HP Hungary.
    Expert of indirect business development
    Seasoned business coach

    Judit Forgács

    Advisor | SSC, GBS and Outsourcing

    Former HR MD of IT Services Hungary
    Shared Services and Outsourcing Expert
    Board Member of
    Hungarian Outsourcing Association

    Felipe Millan

    Advisor | Communication

    Community Developing Manager of SendGrid
    Online marketing expert
    Start-up mentor