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End-to-end RPA Service

We build & run your RPA for a fixed monthly price, starting from €500 per month


Scale on-demand



Companies we have worked with


RPA for a fixed monthly price, no hidden fees

For a fixed monthly price, we can automate your processes end-to-end with RPA, from process design to development, execution, and maintenance. And if something unexpected happens with your process volume (e.g. you need to process a massive amount of tasks urgently) we can automatically scale up or down your automation capacity.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of automation delivered by Cloudstorm. Their team was competent and flexible. The success of their work has paved the way for further RPA projects."


Burak Yilmaz

RPA Project Leader, DB Netz AG Deutsche Bahn

With or without a CoE

With our end-to-end RPA service, you won’t need to hire RPA developers anymore or create an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE). RPA becomes a simple and predictable monthly fee for your organization.

Even businesses having a CoE use Cloudstorm to implement and operate RPA.

“By utilizing Cloudstorm’s End-to-End RPA Services, we could introduce a new reporting automation without additional burden to our RPA Centre of Excellence.”


Irene Schlager

Head of CoE Process Automation, A1 Austria

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Traditional vs. Cloudstorm's RPA pricing

Compared with the traditional, "robot-based" RPA pricing our "process-based" pricing allows you to start with RPA faster and for a lower cost. As we use our own RPA technology, you don’t pay license fees, just a flat monthly price per process! In consequence, RPA will become a predictable & worry-free endeavor.

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Our cloud data center is compliant with the strictest security & privacy standards.

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Our end-to-end RPA approach


Tell us about your RPA needs

We'll listen carefully to your RPA needs to ensure that we help you identify processes that are good for automation with RPA.


We automate your processes using RPA

We implement RPA automation for the chosen processes, taking care of everything from design & development to deployment.


We run, maintain & scale your processes

We continuously maintain all the automated processes. In peak times we launch additional software robots on demand.

We can easily integrate with your existing software seamlessly


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